The Next Steps After Building a New Website / Blog

Time sure flies! So how is it going? Now that you have put effort into creating your site, you need to get some visitors! Follow these 5 tips to jumpstart your marketing efforts:

1. Submit your site and get listed on Search Engines.

You are well on your way to building a great website. But how to get others to notice it? Submit your site to Google, Yahoo and open directories to increase its visibility on major search engines. Google and Yahoo have great tools that will guide you through the submission process. Done that? Don't forget the DMOZ Open Directory. It's the largest and most important Internet directory currently available. Several search engines including Google obtain indexing information from this directory.

2. Add Keywords to improve Search Results.

After submitting your site to search engines remember to add site tags. Site tags are keywords that describe your site. These keywords are then used by search engines to pull up your site when people search. Quick tip: put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What words would they use to find your site? Remember, be detailed and topic specific. Add Site Tags Today!

3. Search Engine Optimization.

Improving your search engine ranking is one of the most important things you can do to drive more traffic to your site.

4. Update your site on regular basis.

Don't forget, keeping your site fresh will keep your visitors and members returning. Not only will new information keep your regular visitors from getting bored, it also will help you get better site ranking. Search engines rank sites with recently updated information higher. Need more content on your site but don't have the time to write it? Add the Pluck on Demand Related Content Widget to your site and it automatically adds related headlines, stories, videos, blog posts and more - all in your template's look and feel.

5. Use the Membership Service to create an active community.

Along with updating your site, be sure to implement the membership services so your visitors can join your site. You can then give them permission to upload photos, calendar items, post in your forum and more to take the onus of adding new content off of you. You'll be amazed at how an active community can keep your site humming with fresh, new content. Turn on Sidebars and make sure the 'Welcome' module is checked to display your site sign-on/sign-up in your sidebar.

Keep up the great work!
Source: Webscom email newsletter

Posted by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2016-03-17 01:08:35 Categorized in :, Web