Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

How to increase traffic to your website? Here, 13 ways you can improve your site and increase site traffic:

  • Be memorable and up to date - Keeping an active blog is a great way to generate text heavy content that is sure to keep search engines coming back to index your site and thus drive traffic to it. Websites that are not updated on regular basis do not get indexed as often.
  • Keep it Simple - Remember that visitors should always be able to easily look around your site. Don't trick them into staying too long. If visitors are frustrated and can't find the right information, they are more likely to leave quickly and are less likely to come back.
  • Provide Contact Information in Your Website - Make it simple for visitors to find ways they can reach out to you. Provide an email address, form for their questions or a place they can simply write in, such as guestbook. Of course you should always be cautious not to give out too personal information.
  • Submit Your Website to Directories - Adding your site to Google and other search engines helps index it faster. Submitting this information will allow your site to be considered for future searches.
  • Describe that File - Use keywords when naming your image files that are being used by your site. Doing so will help you gain visitors when people search using Google Images.
  • Create Links - Linking to your site from other websites will help generate more traffic and improve your placement in search engines.
  • Tag your Site - Adding site tags can increase the number of times your site shows up in search results. To pick the right keywords, try putting yourself in the shoes of your visitors.
  • Categorize your Site - Just like adding tags, categorizing your site helps to better define what your site is about, thus improving the quality of your site traffic.
  • Get Social
  • Write Irresistible Headlines
  • Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
  • Target Long-Tail Keywords
  • Advertise

Next step: Improve Your Website Credibility to make your website looks more trustworthy.

Posted by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2016-03-17 02:02:20 Categorized in :, Web