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500 Internal Server Errors caused by htaccess [Problem Solved]

HTACCESS file causing Internal Server Error 500; Yesterday, I got "500 Internal server error" warning message after I moved my website to a new web host. From Hawkhost to Godaddy web host. My website work normally in old web host but in new web hosting, I can access homepage normally, but I got "50
Published by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2013-07-07 11:11:38

JavaScripts to Add a Link Source Automatically

Automatically Add a Link Source or Copyright Notice to Copied Content from Your Website.; This JavaScripts can be used to prevent or minimalize the activity of copy paste content without including the link to original source. function addLink() { var body_element = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]; var selection; sele
Published by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2014-12-15 01:17:36

The Next Steps After Building a New Website / Blog

Time sure flies! So how is it going? Now that you have put effort into creating your site, you need to get some visitors! Follow these 5 tips to jumpstart your marketing efforts:; 1. Submit your site and get listed on Search Engines. You are well on your way to building a great website. But how to get others to notice it? Submit your site to Google, Yahoo and open directories to increase its visibility on major search engines.
Published by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2016-03-17 01:08:35

Tips to Improve Website Credibility

How to increase site credibility? Here the steps in Building up site credibility for small business or growing a group site.; Every great site contains informational pages that support the site's credibility. Why? Building up site credibility is important if you are building a small business or growing a group site. You wouldn't want to spend money or give out your informat
Published by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2016-03-17 01:49:07

Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

How to increase traffic to your website? Here, 13 ways you can improve your site and increase site traffic:; Be memorable and up to date - Keeping an active blog is a great way to generate text heavy content that is sure to keep search engines coming back to index your site and thus drive traffic to it. Websites that are not updated on regular basis do not
Published by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2016-03-17 02:02:20