Business Management SWOT Analysis

Cooperation Development Approach SWOT Analysis

Strategic Planning Using SWOT Analysis for Koperasi Indonesia

In Cooperation Management Strategic planning is making decisions today for the cooperation to be done in the future. Decision-making in the Koperasi Indonesia organization should consider the resources, current conditions and circumstances that affect estimates of future cooperation.

To conduct strategic planning in a cooperation, the cooperative management should pay attention to four important aspects of the future, environmental aspects, both internal or external, the next and final target strategies for achieving the target.

Cooperation Organization of the institutional organization must have a device that became instrumental in achieving the objectives of the cooperation. The device in the fundamentals of strategic planning who later became the completeness of the organization that is required is a basic idealism parameters such as: vision, mission, goals, objectives.

To accelerate the achievement of Cooperation’s strategic planning required:
– Specific
– Measurable
– Achievable
– Rational
– Time bound

How do I build Strategic Cooperation
Our first cooperation’s strategic plan formulated with 3 to answer fundamental questions

1. Where are our cooperation now , and will be landing where our cooperation?
2. Where do our cooperation goals, want to go where our cooperation?
3. How or by what the Koperasi go or achieve that goal?

After we managed to answer the 3 questions above, we will evaluate the organization of cooperation using SWOT analysis.

stages of preparing a detailed Cooperation’s strategic plan are as follows.

Doing a SWOT analysis for our cooperation.
SWOT formulation is intended as a basis for manufacturing strategy. SWOT analysis is a pattern that classifies evaluation SWOT handle links by state cooperation that is Strengths , Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. Board must classify the things above into a table which is then used as a base as co-operative decision making in strategic planning. A cooperative management should understand well the condition of his cooperation. Management must be able to perform forecasting. Of this forecasting then formulated the relevant assumptions. Of mapping condition and the problem is then formulated in a SWOT analysis of Cooperation. The first process that must be done is the self-evaluation, from here will be found “strengths” and Weaknesses as well as organizational resources. Then the analysis of external conditions, such as market conditions, social, economic and cultural will bring opportunities and threats.

Setting Cooperation Targets
After the cooperation SWOT analysis is completed next step is to determine the target. This phase is one of the most important part of the preparation of the cooperative strategy. This target is obtained from the realistic studies of SWOT analysis that had been predetermined and cooperation targets must be believed by all components of the organization of cooperation, the cooperation is able to achieve it.

Cooperation Strategy Formulation
This phase is to attempt the preparation of a strategy to solve the problems of cooperation as well as ways to achieve cooperation’s targets.

The result of Strategic Cooperation Plan is usually a Work programs
Cooperation should also be accompanied by Budget Planning.