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Entrepreneurial Tips: Build Business with Low Capital

Low Capital Business-Entrepreneurial with a small capital is a dream of all people who want to start a business. This is usually desired by those who have a limited capital. However intend to live independently without being bound by the world of formal jobs. There are several reasons why the option is more popular, even […]

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How To Start (Join) a Franchise Business

Running a franchise business is indeed very seductive. In addition to the promised considerable profits, franchise business opportunity developed with management is really mature. So as a business opportunity, franchise has many advantages compared to non-business partnerships. Some of the advantages of a partnership including capital pattern problems are quite obvious, support systems and management […]

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How to Start An Online Shoe Store Business

Online shoe store into a profitable business option at this time. The advancement of technology through online media such as the internet can make it easy for users to get information about the various types of businesses, whether online or not online, an online shoe store for example. How to start an online shoe store […]


How to Start a New Business? Step by Step Guide to Starting a Business

How to Start a New Business? A new business is as if giving a promise or wishful thinking that lets us get what we expect. However, without good preparation, then this new business venture is not necessarily able to provide results as we expect. There are many things to be prepared before we embark on […]

Business Plan


SAMPLE FORMAT FOR A STRATEGIC PLAN I. INTRODUCTIONA. Need for a Strategic PlanB. How the Plan was Developed II. THE ENVIRONMENTAL SCANA. Organizational History and StructureB. The External Environment1. National Situation and Trends2. Local Situation and Trends3. Summary of Opportunities and ThreatsC. The Organization1. Scope of Activities2. Program Operating Model3. Management4. Governance5. Summary of Strengths […]

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Components of a Marketing Plan

Components of a Marketing Plan Summary: An overview and description of the components of a marketing plan. A comprehensive marketing plan is an excellent tool to guide your company’s strategy. Although not all parts of the plan will directly relate to your particular business, following these guidelines will help you to make sure you’ve taken […]

Paper Relationship

Paper: A literature survey on objectives and success factors of mobile CRM projects

A literature survey on objectives and success factors of mobile CRM projects Matthias Hartel, Rebecca Bulander, Michael Decker Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe Englerstr. 11, 76 128 Karlsruhe, Germany e-mail:, {bulander, decker} web page: Abstract: Mobile Customer Relationship Management (mCRM) frames the interface between companies and their customers by assisting mobile actors with […]

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis for Non Profit Organizations

SWOT Analysis for Non Profit Organizations-Modern organizations must make a transformation step in order to address the rapid changes of the technical pressures, social, political or economic. As a result of this, the management processes within the organization becomes increasingly difficult, and requires a greater ability to achieve in the future. These capabilities are the […]


SWOT Analysis of Starbucks

SWOT Analysis of Starbucks–Starbucks is a company that is growing at a phenomenal success since taken over by Howard Schultz of the original founders in 1987. With a vision to form cafĂ© concept he saw while visiting Italy, the entrepreneur is then raised into a global brand has become the “third place” to enjoy coffee, […]


TOWS Matrix-References

TOWS Matrix-References1 See the exploratory study by Howard H. Stevenson, Defining corporate strengths and weaknesses. SloanManagement Review, Spring (1976).2 K. Andrews, E. Learned, C. R. Christensen and W. Guth, Business Policy. Text and Cases, Richard D. Irwin, Homewood, Illinois (1965).3 A. Chandler, Strategy and Structure. Chapters in the History of American Industrial Enterprise, MIT Press,Cambridge, […]