Interpersonal Skills SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis in Personal Life

SWOT Analysis is an acronym which is taken from the next letter words Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. SWOT analysis method can be regarded as the most basic analysis method, which is useful to view a topic or issue from 4 different sides. Results of analysis is usually a referral / recommendations to maintain strength and increase profits from existing opportunities, while reducing the shortage and avoid threats.

Personal SWOT Analysis

When used with properly, SWOT analysis will help us to see the sides of which forgotten or not seen so far.

Here is a simple example of a Personal SWOT analysis which was made by a high school guy when I want to start activity ‘going out’.


  • my face was pretty good, the brain is not too stupid. (3 major in the class)
  • During this time have enough money for snacks, watch, buy musical instruments and buy the comic


  • no confidence, there is still insecure, especially if it met the aggressive girl – I have not a personal vehicle


  • Have many friends who have pretty girl’s sister
  • In class, girls are still many students who have not had a girlfriend


  • The guy from another class that spread a lot of charm in my class.

(The example above is merely fictitious, if any similarities please forgive)

To help distinguish whether a case is classified into a strength or opportunity can be done by seeing the origin of a thing.

Back to the example above, if the guy is remembered that he had a club band, will be classified Where? The power or opportunity?

When he saw that the club band is something that comes from outside himself, then he immediately classifies the presence of the band club as an opportunity (of course he should take advantage of).

With SWOT conditions as above, about what the results of his analysis. What steps should the direction taken by high school boy was at the start of courtship?

  1. Saving money did she have to buy a motorcycle as the capital dating
  2. Avoid looking for a boyfriend and classmate, better looking girls from class or other school.
  3. More diligent exercise band and looking for opportunities to gig so it is more famous and is competed over a girl.
  4. Diligent hang out so much more confident.

(once again, these recommendations also fictitious mere …)

The important thing that must be kept in mind during the SWOT analysis is all that is written must be honest and factual. Imagine if the guy on top just wished that he had enough pocket money, then landing in order to save pocket money to buy a bike too so it is not useful.

The following describes the additional things that used to be:

Personal SWOT AnalysisStrengths:

  1. Knowledge or expertise possessed
  2. New product or service unique
  3. The location where the company is
  4. Quality of product or process

Personal SWOT AnalysisWeaknesses:

  1. Lack of marketing knowledge
  2. Items can not be distinguished with competitors’ products
  3. The location of the remote enterprise
  4. Poor product quality
  5. Bad reputation

Personal SWOT AnalysisOpportunities:

  1. Growing market
  2. 2-3 merger or alliance company
  3. New market segments
  4. International Markets
  5. The free market because competitors are not able to meet customer demand

Personal SWOT AnalysisThreats:

  1. New competitors in the same area
  2. Price competition with competitors
  3. Competitors out innovative new products
  4. Competitors holding the largest market share
  5. The introduction of sales tax



  1. SWOT analysis can be very, very subjective. It could happen 2 people analyze the same 1 company produces SWOT different. Thereby, the results of the SWOT analysis should only be used as a referral and not solving the problem.
  2. Creator analysis should be very, very realistic in describing internal strengths and weaknesses. Hidden weakness or strength that do not span the ‘hierarchy will make a strategic direction can not be used
  3. Analysis should be based on current conditions and not a situation that should happen
  4. Avoid “gray areas”. To make it easier to distinguish between the strengths and weaknesses, always connect the situation that faced with the ongoing competition. Does your company better than its competitors or not?
  5. Avoid unnecessary complexity and excessive analysis. Make a SWOT analysis as short and simple as possible.