Business Analysis


BUSINESS ANALYSIS-INTERNET SHOP / INTERNET CAFE-Today many people who are looking for business opportunities in the field of Internet cafe, only problem is many who do not understand about the calculation of profit hurt. With only place that already exist and several computers, many of which plunge into this business without analyzing it first. After the run, say 1-2 years is usually the cafe will be closed or passed to anyone else who would try his luck again.
Here, we will try to calculate more details about this business.
There are several things to do / noticed by someone before you start Internet cafe business. Among others

1. Location /Place
Does where we opened the cafe including strategic places? Estimates of visitors who come later on think-2 how many people per day? This will determine the number of pc to be provided later. More and more pc are available of course the more profitable we are, with a note should have come to play. There are certain moments, we crowded cafe, and there was a queue, but sometimes-2 from all the pc that we provide, simply fill 1-2 people only.

Computer 2.Spec
In the area around us, whether there was the cafe? How to spec computer? This will determine the spec computers that we use later. If there are areas we have not the cafe, and say, our area slightly on the fringes, we can save money by using a lower spec computer. Imagine also if we are at the center of town, with many cafes that use computers with high spec, with wide screen lcd. Of course we also have to adjust our cafe to cafe our competitors.
One more thing, the spec computer for browsing / chatting just do not need very high-2, the same cafe if we want to be a game center, with a variety of high-and online games.
3.Selling prices and operating hours
Playing in the cafe, usually calculated by cost per hour. But there is also what makes the package, for example, how many packages a week or there is also a monthly package. This depends on the situation on the ground conditions and also the demand from customers. In the market price usually play in the cafe around Rp. 2500 s / d rp. 5000, -/jam. To tempat2 the elite, could have reached Rp. 10 thousand per hour or more.
The longer the opening hours of our cafe, of course, more and more of our turnover. But this will also make our operating costs become more expensive, because we have to pay more for electricity costs and employee salaries.

4.Managed by professional or kinship system?
This is one important point too, because so far, maybe we can never calculate the cost of building rental, because they have their own anyway. This actually should we count, although his place for free. Because if we do not count, we do not know with certainty whether our business is worthy of continued or not. If for example, where we will use it, not used for the cafe, would be rented to someone else, and it will provide income for us. Maybe later after computed-2 with an analysis that will be given below, more lucky than we are renting our own place which is open cafe.
Another point is the workforce, many cafe business which is maintained by the owner directly or possibly sister or brother or family of the owner. And usually they do not take a salary, but only took advantage of the cafe. Even though the guard is supposed to be our brother or our own as an owner, we also have to take a salary as if we hire people.

5.Cutback computers and buildings.
This is the most important points in the Internet cafe business. The average small Internet cafe computers made without calculating depreciation. So they just simple calculations, within 1 month to a turnover of 10 million Internet cafe for example, then cut employee salaries, electricity, internet fees, and others say a total of 6 million, then their monthly profit is 10 million – 6 million = 4 million. Within 12 months a year x 4 million = 48 million. Business is good right?
It should have a profit of 4 million, should be cut first with the name depreciation computer. Usually we count, a computer unit was zeroed (deemed no longer worth) within 3 years. So if the price of 1 unit of computer 3 million, then the depreciation cost per month is: USD $ 3 million / (3 years x 12 months) = Rp. 83 333. If we have 10 units of computers, then multiply it by 10 units, it means we have to Shrink USD per month. 833 333, – This money will we separate and we make own savings.
To rent a building must also be depreciated, so that in the years ahead, we have no funds to connect to lease the building. Not funny if for example every year, we should get out more capital to lease the building or upgrading a PC.

Ok, now let us make the analysis in these figures make it more easily understood.

1. investment initial:

1. Rent building, assuming rp. 10 million per year
2. PC to cafe 10 pc, assuming USD. 3.5 million / unit
3. PC to server 1 pc, the assumption of Rp. 5 million / unit
4. Cost of cabinet making, assuming rp. 5.000.000
5. Network installation, switches and wires Cost, the assumption of Rp. 2.000.000, –
6.Investasi others, such as air conditioning, tel line, electrical, paint the room again, the assumption of Rp. 5.0000.000, –

Total Rp. 62,000,000, –

2. Operational cost:

1. Internet connection cost, the assumption of using speedy, Rp. 1.75 million / month.
2. Salaries cost, the assumption of 2 persons x Rp. 800,000, a total of Rp. 1.6 million / month
3. Electricity and tel cost, the assumption of Rp. 1 million / month
Other 4.Biaya (reserve), Rp. 500,000 / month
5. Depreciation cost,

* For building USD. 10 million / 12 months = USD. 833,333 / month
* For the pc and server Rp. 38.5 million / 36 months = USD. 1.069 million / month
* For the other, we are also assuming shrinkage in 36 months,

cost of furniture, ac, installation, etc. USD. 12.000.000/36 months = Rp. 333,333 / month
The total cost of USD depreciation. 2.235 million / month
Total operating expenses depreciation = Rp. 7,085,000, –

3. Omset Revenue
With the number of 10 computers, and hours open 12 hours (10 am to 10 pm), then the selling price of Rp. 3000 / hour. So the maximum benefit we can get is
10 pc x 12 hours x Rp.3000 = Rp. 360,000 / day.
But this is not possible, we must multiply by the density of visitors. Usually we assume the value of 50%, in the sense of mean-2 that play every time when only half the capacity of our own cafe.
So the profit per day is USD. 360,000 x 50% = USD. 180 000.
For one month, we times it by 30 days = Rp. 5.4 million, –

With the above calculation, then we had the cafe business is loss of Rp. 5.4 million – Rp. 7.0785.000 = Rp. 1.685 million / month.
Sorry, not to discourage spirit in an attempt to create a cafe, but this is simply an illustration that we are more careful in the count-2an investment so that we planted is not in vain.

There are several points that we can change so that we can profit cafe business, eg:

* The cost of Internet connection looking for a cheaper, such as using office packages speedy, Rp. 750,000 / month. This could save our internet costs so that rp. 1 million / month. Or it could also look for alternative radio links that are sold by third parties, outside the official ISP.
* Increase the number of computers, extending the opening hours, increase the rate of arrival customers by creating an attractive package-2, eg, packet play 5 hours, happy hour on the hour packages-2 quiet.
* Make extra efforts in addition to the cafe, for example by providing the sales of beverages and snacks, so there is an additional turnover.
* Provides a printer to print, usually calculated per sheet.
* Provide services to download, copy services cd / dvd, selling computer accessories, phone bills, and others throughout the business does not interfere with the cafe and do not take up much space.

Hopefully useful.