Tips To Increase Revenue from Ads on Website

The Best Spots to Place Ads on Your Website

The best spots you can place your Adsense or other ads platform are in or as close to the content as possible. For example, here are your best possible options on a blog:

  • Place the ad directly in between your blog post's title and the actual body of the post
  • Place the ad WITHIN the content of the blog post (i.e. in between paragraphs, lists, etc)
  • Place the ad directly below the post, before the comment option
  • You can increase demand for your inventory by switching 300x250 ad units to the improved 336x280 size. As bigger advertisers pay more for the larger ad unit size, you could also see a CPM increase of up to 200%. If an advertiser is willing to pay more for a 300x250 ad, then it will be served neatly along the top of the ad space.

In addition, following the tips below will make your website look better to advertisers, which helps increase CPM:

  • Customize your layout beyond the default template
  • Use proper grammar and limit the use of offensive language
  • Make your content consistent across the entire site
  • Keep your site's focus consistent across the entire site
  • Get rid of broken images and links
  • Do not place too much ad content above the fold
  • Disable any full-page pop ups, or pop ups that block site content
  • Remove any adult content, including any adult ads

Posted by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2015-01-30 20:22:13 Categorized in :, Make Money Online