PHP + cURL RSS Parser

How to parse RSS feed using PHP and cURL? Here is a simple RSS reader to parse RSS feeds with PHP and cURL.

Using cURL (Client URL Library) is the best option that can be used when setting allow_url_fopen is set to off. allow_url_fopen Off When setting allow_url_fopen is set off, it will not be able to use fopen to open and read the Rss Feed from another URL. So how to outsmart? Use PHP CURL, and the following code snippet to read the Rss Feed. Below is example of how to use the function above: This PHP cURL RSS parser scripts created by Hopefully this PHP rss parser example helpful for you to create your own php rss reader.
Posted by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2013-03-25 11:18:23 Categorized in :, Programming, Mashup & API, Mashup & API, PHP