Blogging is a Tough Job

Make Money from Blogging is Not as Easy as It Looks

This is my story, maybe not important enough to be read but I still want to write it. ;)

I bought more than 830 articles for one of my blogs from a team of content writer in an online forum last year. But only a few that have been published until now because I am too lazy maybe. Maybe I only able to post no more than 20 articles a week.

The question is, how they (the writers) made it? I knew the got paid from it. Buy they must be hard workers and worked very-very hard to be able to finish my order only in a few weeks. And here I only need to copy-paste, edit and publish, but feel exhausted on the way. I still edit the articles before I publish them because I want to make some adjustment to fit what I need. If not for that blog, maybe I will just import the articles without editing.

That`s why I prefer auto blogging or make site with user generated content or auto generated contents or fill my database from web scrapping or anything to avoid repeating manual work day-to-day.

That is my problem right now, to get ride laziness from my self. So, I just want to say, If you are going to be a full time blogger and make money from blogging for your life, you must be ready to work hard at the start.

I can`t keep up with manual blogging only, so I am going to make more and more quality website with user generated or auto generated contents. I still will do manual blogging, but only for a few of high quality blogs of my own. Each person has his own way of doing things, so I am. Happy blogging guys!

Posted by A Faqihuddin Latheif on 2016-02-25 10:28:24 Categorized in :, Make Money Online